Polish media have criticised the methods of British police after the arrest of Jakub Tomczak.He was taken into custody two weeks ago in Poznan, in Poland, suspected of rape, robbery and attempted murder of an Exeter mother.

An article which has appeared on a number of respected Polish news websites has questioned whether police have got the right man.

The report describes Jakub as a sensitive law student, whose family and friends have been left shocked by the allegations.

It quotes Jakub’s mother as saying: „I believe it will soon be over, yet the events of the past week cannot be reversed. Jakub is very sensitive. His world has crumbled in pieces.”

His lawyer, Maruisz Paplaczyk, says he intends to question the validity of the British evidence, which is said to include DNA test results and CCTV footage.

He will also scrutinise the accuracy of methods of genetic testing.

Devon & Cornwall police refused to comment on whether technical mistakes had been made in the European Arrest Warrant or on other parts of the case.

The article also quotes an unnamed Polish woman friend of Jakub’s, saying the questions she was asked by British police were limited.

Another acquaintance, Aga Wrazen, 25, describes him as a normal young man who stayed in her home for several days last summer. She says: „He definitely didn’t give the impression that you should stay away from him.”

She also met Jakub’s parents, and they made a very good impression. She says: „His mother says his world has crumbled. I suspect that’s the case for the whole family.

„It was a terrible crime and whoever is guilty should be punished. But if the police have made a mistake, I hope it is found out quickly.”

Miss Wrazen fears that the image of Polish people could be tarnished.

She said: „English people are beginning to say: ‚Look what one of your people has done’.

„I hope people don’t make judgements on everybody based on the actions of one person – if he does turn out to be guilty.”

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  1. Comment napisany przez (posted by) Anna Rocki | 2007/03/11 data (date) 20:12:53

    Lack of evidence and the closed investigation of the British authorities with respect to the arrest of Jakub is shocking and demonstrates how corrupt and inefficient judicial systems from around the world have become. There is no accounting for this type of treatment, which has social, ethical and political consequences in the Polish and British community, and we should not tolerate this type of action to propagate in our society. I fiercely hope that authorities will find the true murderer and not lay false claims due to their ineptitude. Jakub should be released until there is sufficient amount of evidence that would warrant his incarceration, without soiling the human right of a fair trial and of being innocent until proven guilty.

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